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Best events to learn new shooting techniques

With the assistance of your Smartphone you can easily get involved in the field of photography. However, if you want to make the most of your skills, it is essential for you to receive advice from other people who share with you the same passion for this kind of artistic expression. The members of Country Images Camera Club can guide you in this discipline during the entire learning process by means of educational dynamics.


Learning the basics to create amazing images

Country Images Camera Club members periodically organize activities that intend to introduce you with more depth into the field of photography. By assisting to their workshops and seminars you are able to learn the basic concepts related to this discipline. Additionally, you get to improve your technique and learn to define specific goals from the beginning of a photo shoot.

As you get to master your tools and knowledge, you can learn high level photographic techniques such as:

  • Depth of field, framing and composition
  • White balance
  • Artistic blur and sharpness
  • Shooting in manual mode and in automatic mode
  • Light painting
  • Shutter speed

Workshops that will help you to create your own style

Workshops and seminars organized by the members of Country Images Camera Club are the best events to learn new shooting techniques as they allow you to explore modern photography equipment so you can understand the application of theoretical concepts related to the focal distance, the diaphragm or the autofocus.

Professional photographers who are members of this club will give you many tips and tricks that will allow you to remember better the technical terms that you will need to use in this field. These events are ideal to go from amateur to professional through a brief and yet complete training.

If you hope to become one day a professional photographer and sell your work, these events will allow you to build a solid background and to develop your own artistic style.

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