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About the club

Photographic art has been one of the last creative industries to make the leap to the digital world, and yet an increasing number of people are visiting online galleries. Country Images Camera Club promotes emerging artists and offers them great possibilities to spread their work internationally taking advantage of technological tools and advances.

Promoting the work of emerging artists through innovative dynamics

Country Images Camera Club has emerged with the purpose of promoting the expansion of artistic photography. It aims to take advantage of technological advances to increase the public access to remarkable pieces created by skilled photographers.


The possibility of touring an exhibition without leaving home is certainly a refreshing dynamic when it comes to artistic experience. Although the physical interaction with the piece is irreplaceable, the discovery and recognition of the work through the Internet shortens distances.

Given the advantages provided by technology, the works exhibited by the artists can be appreciated by a greater number of people around the world.

There are many artists who, whether amateurs or professionals, use photographic art as a reflection of their life experience. Therefore, they are able to create cultural treasures with profusion of details which can be discovered by collectors through virtual exhibitions carried out by the team of Country Images Camera Club.


Encouraging the passion for photography

The main goal of Country Images Camera Club is to encourage both established photographers and emerging artists to develop their skills through several activities and workshops where they are able to become acquainted with latest techniques.

The members of Country Images Camera Club are aware of the fact that photography can be a challenging field. Therefore, the programs implemented by them aim to create an educational environment where artists are able to unleash their creativity through visual expression.

The activities organized by the club members are intended to stimulate the passion for photography even on those who show a growing interest in this field.

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